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"Are you built the same as us?

Riyah: We don’t have your lungs. We don’t have your abdomen. So we don’t eat. We don’t have a digestive system. So we don’t produce wastes. We don’t feel pain because we don’t have a nervous system. And, we don’t sense fear, simply because emotions are not wired to our cellular motor." *

Here lies a fiction, taking place in the cracks of pure physics without a specific time or linear narrative. As the strange aesthetic challenges our limited perception of ‘vitality’, the forms translates into beings. As if these non-sentient beings are curious for feelings and visiting this planet in search for emotional entities. Yet, this blind-date might come at the expense of the host creating a possible parasitism.

*From a meeting with female alien called Riyah, that belongs to the constellation of Naftari, 150 light years from Earth. A part from the book ‘Transcripts of the Alien-USA Meetings’ by Maximillian de Lafayette

February 16 – March 11, 2018

Oj Art Space


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